Welcome To Chinese Sinseh


Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

If you come from the North or South, take the Express Way (PLUS) to Melaka.  Exit at Tol Air Keroh interchange and follow the signboard that shows Bandar (Town). Once you reach the famous Clock Tower Building (below), take the bridge on your right and (you come facing the popular Jonker Walk) immediately turn to the road on the right again. Follow the road to the end junction then take a left turn till you come to another junction on your left. The shop building is a corner lot unit adjacent to Jalan Hang Kasturi as shown below. 

The Clock Tower (Partially hidden by the tree)

From the bridge you will see a split road. The road
on your left leads you to Jonker Walk.  Take the road
on your right.

Drive straight to the end of the road till you come
to a road junction. Keep to your left, follow the
road and turn left as shown in photo below.

Sinseh's location view from the reverse angle.

Address: No: 55, Kampong Pantai
75200 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: 60162727505

email: yuenseo@chinesesinseh.com


Photos Of Patients Seeking Treatment

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Photo below taken in Oct 2006. The color of En. Isyak facial skin was dark and wrinkled then as compared to his recent visit. This is due to the years of having taken prescribed medications resulted in his liver gradually hardening due to  the content of steroids in the medication which also rendered in his liver not being able to function as normal. Sinseh's medication has helped to clear off the toxics and also improve blood 'Qi' circulation which resulted in an improvement of his body organs and also his skin complexion as show in the photos below. Sinseh's medication also help to improve the the function of his pancreas ( which activates the Isle of the Langerhan ) to produce healthy recognized insulin which further aid in proper metabolism thus improving his health overall. His quick recovery is not a miracle but the understanding of how the
human anatomy works and to administer the right herbs to correct the body organs. 
( As quoted by famous Physician Wang QinRen 1768 - 1864 AD)


I have been in and out of hospital for the past 10 years suffering from diabetes and I had insulin administered by subcutaneous injection daily. During treatment a scan revealed I had stones in both my kidneys and my health was deteriorating. One day my sons were called in by the doctors and they were informed that there is nothing much the hospital could do and I was told to return and spend my remaining quality time with my family. A friend visited me at home and told me about Master Sinseh's treatment. Since I have nothing to loose, I tried Sinseh's medication and after 9 months, I am now free from diabetes, kidneystones and I do not suffer from any sign of heart diseases. Ever since I started on Master
Sinseh's treatment, I have stopped taking prescribed medication. My recent visit show proof of my quick recovery. I am now able to jog and lead a normal life and enjoy the food that I used to avoid. - Encik Isyak, 56, Seremban. (April 2007).

En. Isyak with Master Sinseh Seo - April 2007.

Note: The above and like the rest of the testimonies and claims are
made by patients themselves and are at their own discretion.

Sinseh was bestow an Award in recognition of his service.

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As Reported In The Recent Sunday Newspaper

See Star Report Below

In America, according to the 2000 Annual Report of the U.S. Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), the kidney transplant waiting list has more than doubled between 1992 and 1999 to over 46,000 people.

But this number does not take into account people with kidney disease who have not yet begun heamodialysis.

"About 75,000 people a year need a kidney transplant," says Dr. Richard Freeman, a surgeon and kidney transplant specialist with the New England Medical Center. But due to critical shortages of suitable donor organs, only 12,475 received a kidney in 1999, says the OPTN.

And 2,969 died waiting for one.

Note: The above are extracted from the news and is never intended to ridicule any medical profession be it
holistic or allopathic.

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