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The wooden board carved in Chinese characters as shown above top left was used by Grandmaster Sinseh S.B. Seo to inform the public of his service whenever he made a stop over in the village or town that he visits in China during the late 19th century. The earlier form of advertisement was to carry a banner made up of  canvas written in large Chinese character (similar to the above) fixed on two bamboo poles and is tied to the Sinseh's back  The Sinseh's profession is tough and the reason for his travel is to seek herbs that are grown in various part of China and they take their profession very seriously. Experience Sinseh treats  their patients by feeling the pulse beat on the patients hand, observing the eyes and tongue which reveals the nature of Yin or Yang as well as the 'Qi' in their body. To feel the pulse, the Sinseh place his three fingers (index, middle and anula as shown above) on the patient's hand, with the index finger nearest to the ridge of the thumb. The pulse beat on the Left Hand inform the Sinseh the condition of the patient's Heart, Liver and Yin Kidney (Left) while the Right Hand inform the Sinseh the condition of the patient's Lung, Spleen and Yang Kidney (Right). Therefore treating a mute or deaf or sickly patient pose no problem to the experience Sinseh. Just from the above observations the Sinseh can give a full detail on the patient's health. Patients are to follow the strict advice and direction of the Sinseh as 'when to take the medication, the right time, before or after meal and what to avoid during period of treatment (the Sinseh act as a military advisor taking the role as Sun Tze, where timing of taking the herbs is crucial similarly as deploying the army to attack at the specific time). Patients are usually cured after a period of treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the safest means of treatment as it does not use steroid, or harmful chemicals. Since its discovery, TCM has treated millions of people as it works on the principle of balancing the Yin & Yang.

Besides the Sinseh, the 'Martial Artist' also played an important role in the widespread practice and introduction of herbal medicines within China. The best known 'Martial Artist' to practice the usage of herbs were the 'Shaolin 少林寺' masters as they had to treat their disciples who frequently injured themselves or fall sick due to the vigorous training. Gradually due to migration, these knowledge and practice is passed on to generations throughout the world. The chart below shows the difference in treatments addressed by the Western Doctors compared with the traditional Chinese Physicians.

Allopathic Treatment
European Approach

Holistic Treatment
Chinese Approach

The body is composed of parts just like machine and are treated separately. The body works together as a whole, and is treated as a whole.
Each part of the body is treated by different doctor. The physician is responsible for whole treatment.
Body, mind and spirit are separate and require separate practitioners. Body, mind and spirit are interconnected and are addressed together as whole.
Disease happens to other parts of the body or even the treated part and are expected. Disease is a failure on the part of the physician to administer right herbs and are not accepted when reoccur.
Disease is caused by germs and outside forces. Disease is caused by imbalance of within the body.
The collection of symptoms is considered very important and is treated after diagnosis done. Symptoms are relatively unimportant and causes is due to imbalance of Yin & Yang.
Patients are directed to take medications as and when is required.  Patients co-operate with Sinseh on how and when to prepare and take the medications.  
Only treat the affected part. The root cause is not treated. Addressed the root cause that causes the diseases and terminate it.
High tech machines are needed in diagnostic. No machines are needed in diagnostic.
Machines sends out report such as image from x-ray or scanners to 'talk' to the doctor. The patients' pulse beat and physical outlook sends out signal to 'talk' to the physician.
Without electricity, doctors can't conduct surgery or operation or treat patients. Without electricity, physician can treat at any time and at any place.
Without sphygmomanometer, doctor can't read the patients' blood pressure. The physician uses his 3 fingers to read patients' blood pressure and condition of body organs.
The affected part of the body requires the doctor's medication to heal and nurse attention are required. The physician allows the part of the body to self heal after giving herbal treatment. No nurse attention is required.
The treatment may be costly. Treatments are relatively cheap.
Patients are warded for long period. Patients are not warded.
Patients visit are on appointment basis. In most case, no appointment needed.
Waiting time to see doctor is long. Waiting time is short.
Banned drugs may have to be used such as 'morphine' or 'steroids' etc leading to side-effect. No drugs involved. Acupuncture is administered to relieve pain. Herbs are used in treatments.
In advance countries, some hospital would not accept patients who have no health insurance or medical card. No health insurance is required.
Wrong administration of drug can sometimes lead to paralysis or death. Wrong administration of herbs is not life threatening.
Red tape may involved. No red tape involved.
Medicine as a science. Medicine as an art.
The illness is treated. The patient is treated.
The affected parts is cured. The patient is cured.

Nevertheless, western treatment also has its advantage where for instance when a patient has sudden acute of intense pain arises from eg. stones in gall or kidneys whereby an operation can immediately remove the pain. Depending on the seriousness of the illness, patients now have the options to choose either allopathic or holistic treatment.

All causes of diseases are due to the imbalance of 'Qi' or 'Chi' in the body which allows bacteria to inhibits and multiply, resulting in pain and sufferings. The saying 'stress' causes illness holds truth as "stress is also the root cause of disharmony to the body systems" which subsequently resulted in the imbalance of 'Qi' thus a person falls ill  as a result of prolong stress.

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