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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

Infertility in men may occur from slightly lower than normal count of sperm to total absence, known as azoospermia which results in sterility meaning he cannot father a child but infertility men has the possibility of fathering a child and that depends on the quality of his sperm and fertility of his wife. Varicocele is also a common cause of infertility. Infections such as venereal disease, tuberculosis and even mumps can cause a problem. The mumps virus can attack the testes causing an acute infection known as orchitis. Blockage in the Vas Deferens can also cause infertility but it can be corrected with an operation called vaso-epididymostomy. Majority of infertile and sterile men have a complete normal sexual relationship. They only become aware after having their semen tested and this information may affect him psychology which may result in the loss of interest in sex and impotency may occur later.

As for the case of impotence, it should not be confused with premature ejaculation, loss of libido, or absence of orgasm, because satisfactory erection is obtained. Diseases may also contribute towards impotence such as diabetes mellitus which results in about 25 per cent of all patients suffering from impotence.

Impotence may have psychological causes such as when a man has suddenly lost his job or lost his love ones, his feeling of failure may lead to temporary impotence . It can also be caused by disorders of the blood system, nervous system, or brain, or by hormone deficiency.

The treatment  may be made possible with  injecting a drug into the
corpus cavernosum of the penis which affects the smooth muscle tone in the blood vessels, producing an erection which lasts for about an hour, another way is a prosthesis may be inserted into the penis under anaesthetic. This may be a semi-rigid rod or an inflatable rod. There are also several devices available, known as vacuum constriction devices, which are used to produce an erection. The penis is inserted into the device and the vacuum draws blood into the corpus cavernosum, causing the penis to become erect. An elastic ring is placed round the base of the shaft of the penis in order to maintain the erection.

Besides using the normal western treatment, some do seek alternative treatment as they do not want others to know they have the problem. In most cases, they do get treated.

Below are some herbs commonly use to invigorate, tone up or assist in treating impotency and erectile dysfunction problem.

Kan Chow 甘草

Shu Di

Dan Shen 党參

Black Dates 黑棗

Quozi 杞子

Dang Gui 當歸

Heitzema 黑芝麻

Guipi 歸皮

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