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Types of Herbs


Dong Kwi 

(Radix angelica sinensis)

- helps to improve blood movement.
- usage after childbirth where there is
  loss of blood.
- effective to over-come anemia and 
  menstrual problems.

Karn Chow 甘草

(Glycyrrhiza glabra) 

- benefiting to the endocrine system.
- helpful in any illness that involves the 
  adrenal glands.
- also for respiratory problems such as 
- assist in curing digestive disorders such
  as ulcers, gastritis, colic problems.

Ee Jhu 玉竹

(Polygonatum Odoratum)

- provide comfort to stomach.
- provide comfort to the lungs.
- enrich fluid in lungs and stomach.
- release body heat.

Xi Ren Shen 泡參

(Radix Panacis)

- American Ginseng - as a treatment
  after a bout of high fever.
- Chinese Ginseng - to treat fertility, 
  longevity, energy,  alertness and as a 
  preventive measure  against weakness.

Chi Hua 菊花

(Chrysanthemi morifolium) 

- to clear common cold.
- to treat light fever.
- to treat migraine and headache.
- to treat body heat.
- also uses as a tea drink for cooling. 
  (add sugar to taste).

Qin Yin Hua 金銀花


- to treat light fever.
- to treat flu.
- this herbs has to be mixed with other 
  combinations for its effectiveness.


Chern Pe 青皮

(Tangerine peel)

- aids in the digestive system.
- helps to relieve nausea.
- helps to release body heat.
- assist in relieving bowel problem.
Shu Di  熟地
(Rebmannia Glutinosa)

- to strengthen liver.
- to strengthen heart.
- to strengthen kidney
- treat dizziness and nourish the
Ling Zhi  靈芝

 (Ganoderma Lucidum)

- to strengthen joint, tendon and bones.
- treat fatigue, insomnia, indigestion. 

- to strengthen spleen and liver.
- relieve body and joint pain.
- prevent coronary disease.
- increase body energy.
Kwi Phi  桂

 (Cinnamomum Cassia)

- to strengthen heart, liver.
- to strengthen kidney, spleen.

- warm spleen and stomach
- invigorates the blood
- for menstrual pain and to assist

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