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Welcome To Chinese Sinseh

The topic on pregnancy worries a lot of married women. They worry  when they do not get pregnant although they plan to conceive and also to those who had not planned to get pregnant but somehow conceived. Nevertheless not being able to conceive is the most difficult situation married women endure which results in many cases of divorce, suicide, mentally disturbed, smoking, drinking, withdrawal from sex and many unhappiness. Although not being able to conceive may not be result of infertility but may also be the cause of their spouse problem such as impotency. In modern day situation, many of these problems can be overcome but one has to go through many tests and frustrations.

The question is how long should one go through before learning she is unable to conceive? If a women were to conceive she has to satisfy a number of conditions such as: 

a) she must be healthy. 
b) active ovaries regularly produce fully ripe eggs which means her period is normal.
c) there must be clear passageway for the egg to come down and for the sperm to travel up to meet the egg.
d) no blockage to the Fallopian tubes.
e) womb must be normal.
f) sperm must be normal.

Despite all the above being normal, the hormone messengers which control them (male and female) must also be operating properly and even with all the above requirements, timing is also an important factor. If the sperm does not arrive within 24 hours before an egg is released or up to 10 hours after the egg is released, then there is no chance of pregnancy.

The major causes of infertility in women besides the above may also be a result of:
a) pain preventing proper intercourse due to retroversion of the womb.
b) ovarian cysts prevents ovulation.
c) the Fallopian tube is blocked.
d) fibroids in womb.
e) inflammation of pelvis.
f) hormone imbalance.
g) failure to ovulate.
h) inadequate cervical mucus
i) infections such as Toxaemia.

To overcome the above problem, modern day doctor could administer: 
a) hormone treatment to help infertile women.
b) injecting fertility drug such as
HMG directly to the ovaries. This may also results in multiple pregnancy.
c) surgery to remove obstruction in the reproductive tract.
d) test tube babies.
e) artificial insemination. - this may result in husband rejecting the child because the sperm is from a different donor.

Many couples are afraid to go through modern medical testing as it involves too much risk when surgery is involved and therefore many seeks alternative treatment. Whatever the situation  is, fear, lack of confidence and frustration may affect pregnancy as reported in the news. Therefore, couples who are afraid to go through modern medical testing can now opt for traditional alternative treatment which has existed for centuries without any complication or pain.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to conceive and have a chubby baby?

Below are some herbs commonly use to invigorate, tone up or assist in treating conceiving and menstrual problem.

Hei Shou Wu 黑首鳥

Du Zhong 杜仲

Don Shen 党參

San Cha 山植


Dan Shen 丹參

Pei Qi 北祈

Dang Gui 當歸

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